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December 30, 2021

 Are you interested in freelancing as a side hustle to increase your earning but don’t know where you can start? Do you want to know about steps to create profile on freelancer but have no idea which things you need to do? 

Luckily, now you can find lots of websites online that can help you in starting your career from zero. is one of these platforms. This is one of my favorite websites because it is easy to use. In this blog, I will explain everything that you need to know to create your freelancing profile for applying jobs.

 In the realm of freelancing platforms, this website has progressed greatly. It’s a platform for freelancers to showcase their talents, ideas, and abilities to potential clients. Let’s find out the steps you will need to follow to make a great profile. Check out my previous blog if you are still unsure about choosing the best freelancing platform.

Set yourself for accepting challenges daily

First of all, set yourself up for facing new challenges every day. The most important point that you need to know before creating your profile on any freelancing platform is that if you want to succeed in the freelancing field, you will need strong determination and will have to do constant struggle in the right direction.

These skills are essential because you will have to face new challenges every day. The only key to success is to keep moving forward. Before you start freelancing, learn as much as you can about your particular niche. 


Steps to Create a Profile

To get started on, follow these important steps to create profile on freelancer:

Step 1: Sign Up to create your account

To find freelance jobs, you must first create an account at the Freelancer website, a one-step process that is easier than Fiverr and Upwork.

  • So, to start, enter the following URL into your browser:
  • You can also sign up by using your Facebook or Goggle account. Fill up the first field with your email address.

Because after this, they will send an email to your address, I advise you that you should use a verified email address. 

Step 2: Enter your Freelancer account details

Step 2 is very easy because now you are on a new page after adding the Sign-Up information. You’ll have to enter your account information, such as your username and password. After filling out your information, click the Create Account option at the bottom.

Point to Note:

One important point is that you will immediately be directed to the next page if you use your Facebook account to register on 

  • Click the Sign up with Facebook button if you wish to use this option.
  • Next, select your user name and whether or not you wish to work by clicking the Continue As option.
  • Select the Create Account option.

Step 3: Chose your membership plan

In step 3, you will find the box that says “Work” in the “I am looking to” section after adding important information. Then you will select a “Create an account” option from the drop-down menu. You will be directed to a page where you will be asked to select one of’s four membership plans. 

Luckily you can start bidding on jobs by selecting Free Membership plan. But this option is valid for just the first month after that you will have to buy membership plans. So you need to choose this option wisely. You can also upgrade your membership plan later.

The membership allows you to earn more money by providing access to a larger number of bids every month and a larger number of skill sets. It is especially important for people who work in a variety of fields.

freelancer website membership plan

Step 4: Add & verify your payment option

In this step, you need to add a validated payment method. You will be requested to fill out the essential details to validate your payment method, including your card number. You can add a credit card, PayPal account, or Skrill account to your profile if you have one.

However, you can also skip this step if you do not have any of the specified payment methods. But I will advise you to fill in the information in this step or verify your payment method. 

Step 5: Verify your Email

To get started, go to the website from the link they will send you in an email. Under the name and picture boxes, you will find the account setup option. Please keep in mind that your account is not yet complete.

You must first confirm your email address. Wait for the verification email from in your inbox. After that, you’ll be sent back to your account dashboard.

Step 6: Fill your profile page

Step 6 is the most important. You will need to complete all of the steps of your profile after opening your profile page. You need to keep the following points in mind.

  • Include your correct name, phone number, and address. Account verification requires the use of a mobile phone number.
  • You must add your professional photo, which is required to complete your profile. Stick to one that is clear and looks professional. Choose a photo in which your face is happy, and your body posture is correct. Clients should not make decisions simply based on your good looks, but your photo does show your personality.
  • While creating your profile, you should also select your hourly rate. Clients choose freelancers based on the services they provide and the price they charge.
  • You need to fill all the boxes with your personal experience and comprehensive information about your skills. It’s also a good idea to include professional experience.
  • In the lower-left corner of your profile, click the resume button. Update the information about your expertise, qualification, education, and publications.

Step 7: Select your skills

Finally, you need to choose your skills; there are several skill categories to choose from, each with a variety of options, such as blog or article writing jobs, YouTube marketing or web development jobs, data entry or virtual assistant jobs, etc. so that can show you the jobs related to your skills.

steps to create freelance account

Step 8: Take your qualifying exams

In this step, I recommend you to take some tests relevant to your skills to improve your chances of winning a job on the freelancer website., for example, has different exams that assess your skills and expertise.

Exams to test your understanding of freelancing guidelines for employers and freelancers are also available. These examinations should be taken since they will appear in your portfolio.

Employer Orientation and Freelancer Orientation are two free assessments. These tests are available for you to take. If you already have funds in your account, you can take any available exams for $5.

That’s it!

So after following these simple steps to create profile on freelancer, you can easily establish your account on Other steps, such as finding and bidding on relevant jobs, can be learned afterward. 

Q & A section

As a beginner, you can face different problems while following steps to create profile on freelancer, so I have tried to solve those queries in this section. 

Q1: How can I identify projects that are relevant to my skills?

A: You can easily find out jobs on You need to add all skills in the skills section to provide your freelance service. Soon you will start getting job options relevant to your expertise. You can find out jobs through these ways.

•         Browse Projects from the menu

The Projects with My Skills, Browse Projects, Browse Local Jobs, and Browse Categories tabs can all be used to search for a job. Additional criteria, such as location or fixed vs. hourly jobs, are also available. This helps you narrow down your search results, delivering you just the projects that are a good fit for you and your freelancing business.

•         Project Feed page

There’s also the Project Feed page, which provides real-time project and contest announcements. The content of your Project Feed page is determined by the number of skills you add to your profile. You can also get regular email updates with details on new jobs and contests that match your skill sets.

Q2: How can you place a bid on a project?

A: You can start bidding on jobs after setting up your account. Let’s have a closer look at these steps.

  • From the Browse Projects page, find a project you’d like to work on. To learn more about a project, click on its title. The bidding section is located just below the project description.
  • Enter the amount you want to bid.
  • In fix price projects, you need to add the amount you want to be paid for delivering your service.
  • If you are bidding on the hourly job, you need to fill in the hourly rate you’d like to be paid for the whole job.
  • Specify the number of days it will take you to deliver.
  • Write a comprehensive proposal showcasing your skills and qualification. Include every information that you think should be added.
  • You can also suggest some milestones. Create a list of tasks and allocate a Milestone Payment to each one. The total of your Milestone Payments should equal the amount of your bid.
freelancing questions

Q3: What is the best way to write a winning proposal?

A: Writing a winning proposal for getting a job is a never-ending learning process, and you never know what will interest the client’s attention. But this is what I’ve found to be effective on, and it could be useful to you as well. First of all, read the job description and understand the essential service carefully, whether you’re applying for a blogging job or simply editing as a ghostwriter. 

•         Greet the client with a name

You must start your cover letter by the client’s name. You can start by saying, “Hello XYZ” I’d want to assist you with lead generating and data compilation or writing tasks. It is important for leaving the best impression because by calling them by their name you will look professional. It also shows that you have given enough attention to job specifications and are dedicated to the task.

•         Describe your relevant skills

Check the job description carefully or understand the requirements. Write about everything that the description mentions. For example, if you must write Facebook posts, email newsletters, and Google ads, “You can add that your written content will get the audience’s interest,” etc.

•         Be specified

Never try to say that you can do “all jobs.” Be as precise as possible, and don’t forget to pay attention to the smallest details. And, most importantly, wherever possible, use “You” rather than I. Isn’t it true that the client requires your assistance? Demonstrate that you’re the one who can assist them.

•         Ask questions

Your client might not have added some important points to the job description. Make it clear to him that you are an expert in your field. Ask one or two questions to give him the idea that you have read the job description carefully.

•         Sample links

Furthermore, choose one or two of the most relevant samples instead of including your full portfolio as example links.

Tip to follow:

Check the client’s previous reviews to spot frauds early on. To avoid being duped into working, check out current costs or rates.

Avoid taking part in activities that will result in your suspension. This will result in a stained reputation since it reflects on your account somehow. For example, restricts what you can post and how you may contact potential employers.

If suspends your account, it will take many days or weeks for the suspension to be lifted.

Q4: Can I use several accounts from the same IP address?

A: No, you can’t use several accounts from the same IP address at the same time. They will immediately remove all your accounts.

Q5: How can you remove your Freelancer account?

Maybe you are tired of being a freelancer and have decided that freelancing wasn’t for you. It’s an easy procedure to remove the account.

  • Select your profile image, and then select Manage from the Account menu to be redirected.
  • Now select “close account” from the drop-down menu.


If you haven’t started freelancing or found a job yet,, a freelancer job site, is a great place to start. You can easily create your first account by following the steps to create your profile on freelancer.

I hope this blog will help you rightly in taking this crucial step. Signing up with a Freelancer account is a simple process. You can easily start bidding on short-term or long-term jobs. If you are looking for an affordable writing service for your website or blog, you can also check out my portfolio and contact me at fiverr & Guru websites.