Social Media marketing importance for Businesses in 2022

April 8, 2022

Do you want to make your social media marketing plan for the year 2022? If your answer is yes, my blog series about social media marketing will help you. Do you know it makes no difference whether you own a small local business or a large corporation? Social media marketing is much more than just a fad trend. It’s an important part of your company’s marketing plan.

However, social media by itself is not enough to drive growth. Social media networks can help you interact with your customers, raise brand recognition, and improve leads and sales. You only need to start with a positive mindset and attitude and a well-thought-out content marketing approach for getting results.

That’s why I will share a step-by-step blog series on building a social media marketing strategy from scratch. This guide will help you whether you’re a brand new business or an established company. So let’s start our journey.

Social media marketing

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Developing content for social media platforms to advertise your products or services, establish a community with your target audience, and generate traffic to your business is known as social media marketing. Social media marketing is something that is continually growing, with new features and platforms appearing every day.

Social media marketing is all about establishing a connection with your audience and assisting them in better understanding your company. It is really useful to the success of your company.

Let’s suppose that you’re about to meet someone for the first time with the goal of developing a positive connection. What should you do to make that individual like you immediately, knowing that you won’t get another chance? Will you be successful if you meet that individual and speak about senseless things?

It is fact that people always like you when you make them happy, regardless of how you do it. Your ability to make your target audience happy so that they appreciate your brand and share about your business with others, just as in the real world, is important to your social media marketing success. If your story isn’t worth sharing, your social media marketing efforts will be creating no results.

Why do you need a Social Media presence? Some Facts

It is important to note that when customers want to learn more about any company or product, they turn to social media since that’s where they’ll find other people talking about it. What if you don’t have a presence on social media? You’ll miss an unbelievable opportunity to make a good first impression.

social media marketing importance

Social Media Platforms Monthly Active Users

Every month, more than three billion individuals use social media throughout the world, and the number of users on major platforms continues to increase.

The number of Monthly Active Users is used to rank the sites. Furthermore, in January 2022, 17 social media networks have at least 300 million active users:

Although Facebook is the most popular social media site globally, there are currently six social media networks with over one billion monthly active users. Meta is the owner of half of these platforms.

Take a look at these numbers to understand why having a strong social media presence in 2022 is important for your company’s success.

  • Facebook has 2.910 billion monthly active users 
  • YouTube has 2.562 billion monthly active users, and WhatsApp has around 2 billion monthly users.
  • Instagram has a potential audience of 1.478 billion people.
  • 1.3 billion monthly active users on Facebook Messenger
  • There are 1.263 billion monthly active users on WeChat.
  • TikTok has a monthly active user base of one billion people, and Douyin has around 600 million active users each day.
  • 573 million monthly active users on Kuaishou 
  • 557 million monthly active users on Snapchat 
  • Telegram has a monthly active user base of 550 million people.
  • Pinterest has a monthly active user base of 444 million people.
  • Twitter has a monthly active user base of 436 million people.
  • 430 million monthly active users on Reddit
  • Quora has a monthly active user base of 300 million people.
  • Skype has a monthly active user base of 300 million people.
  • LinkedIn has a monthly active user base of 250 million people.
Social media channels

These facts and stats reveal the whole story!

It’s critical to make your presence on platforms that customers are familiar with in order to reach out to your target audience more effectively. Nothing can take the place of these social media platforms, where most users spend the majority of their time throughout the day and night.

Why Do Marketers Love Social Media? More Facts

These social media platforms help your business attract the right clients and provide the correct information at the right time, allowing you to expose your product or brand to potential buyers at the right moments.

This is how such social media websites’ systems function. The number of individuals using social media is predicted to increase from 3.6 billion to 4.4 billion between 2020 and 2025.

  • 52% of social media marketers feel that social media positively impacts their business’s income and sales.
  • According to Statistic, 37.9% of survey respondents stated they had purchased due to viewing social media advertising. It occurs somewhere between 1% and 25% of the time. This demonstrates how many transactions are made online due to social media ads.
  • Around the world, 93 percent of marketers use social media for business. Nearly 92 percent of marketers in the United States who work for organizations with more than 100 workers are predicted to begin utilizing social media for marketing in 2022.

Social Media Users Age Group

The following are the percentages and age groups of social media users in the United States: 

  • 84 percent are between the ages of 18 and 29
  • 81 percent are between the ages of 30 and 49.
  • 73 percent are between the ages of 50 and 64.
  • 45 percent of aged people above age of 65 use social media.

In the End

Social media marketing plays a crucial role in any company’s success. This blog is the first in special series. Keep reading for getting more blogs about social media marketing strategy. In the comments section, let me know what you think about social media?