Phone Addiction is a serious problem

November 26, 2021

Have you ever wondered why our life seemed to be a lot easier before the arrival of smartphones and the internet? People used to spend time together. They were connected with each other not through technology but emotionally. But now, as time changed and many new technologies have become part of our life. One of them is a smartphone device.

Now, most people believe that cell phones have made our life a lot simpler. No doubt, these devices are absolutely helpful and have changed our lives in a variety of ways. We can now do anything within minutes, thanks to the multitude of applications available for help.

They have become very crucial part of our life, and their popularity cannot be challenged; because they are being used not as a luxury but as an important need. However, it appears to be a great misfortune that these devices gradually and slowly take over our lives. Most importantly, these devices were created to keep us more connected, but they are creating distance in us in many ways. But here comes a question, how are these smartphones impacting our life. Let’s find out!

Smart Phone has become our friends. We keep them by our bedside at night and carry them throughout the day. Even when we’re meeting with other people, it seems like we can’t manage to remain detached from our phones. We remain busy checking the latest social media happenings, emails, and text messages. If in any gathering, a person feels bored. What exactly does he do? He simply takes his phone out of his pockets and starts searching different posts over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter uselessly.

According to the latest research, adults in the United States spend an average of 2:55 hours every day on their phones. This metric had decreased significantly from 2019 when the average usage duration was 3:43 hours. Furthermore, mobile online traffic makes up 54.8 percent of all web traffic worldwide.

The most common scene of our day is filled with people with bowed heads, staring intensely at their phones, in almost every public venue you can think of. If you observe someone at a cafe sipping coffee and looking out the window, there is a chance that their device has run out of battery. Next time you’re out with your friends or eating dinner with your family, pay attention to yourself and find out how long you can keep yourself away from your Phone.

Here I want to share my experiences!

My name is Sadaf Tauseef, and I am the mother of two children. Let me admit that a year ago, my family and I were victims of smartphone addiction. We could easily spend an evening in the same room, all on our smartphone devices, with no interaction with one another.

How do I realize everything?

‘How was your day at school?’ I asked my son salman one day. He simply nodded and muttered, “Fine.” He didn’t even look at me. He seemed to ignore me because he was busy on his phones. I know it was not intentionally, but it was as if he couldn’t hear me since he was so absorbed in his gadget.
When I ask him a question, he rarely talks about what happened at school or about the friends he made. I started to wonder how I should show him that I’m interested in having a conversation with him about his day at school without asking questions about this annoying behavior. I’ve tried sitting quietly and waiting for him to say something… This triggers me…

How can I better connect to my daughters? 

I started thinking about ways to connect with my sons in better ways. However, I was quite worried while thinking about how our relationship had changed in just a few years and how we are spending more time on the phone than with each other.

What happened to our relationship?

From that day, I started examining our habits in order to improve things. When I try to convince my kids to do schoolwork, I see that they have a shorter attention span and struggle to keep up with housework and other physical activity.

The most severe impacts of this addiction, particularly in youngsters, include a failure to socialize and the inability to examine things critically. Similarly, children are also now experiencing anxiety and depression, as well as they are unable to learn necessary skills that would benefit them later in life.

Everything shook me to the core!

This drove me to scrutinize my own phone habits, and I discovered that I, too, had developed an addiction. It wasn’t simply my kids who were affected. I, too, was affected!

Poor sleep quality, poor attention, and drive to achieve anything were all problems I noticed. It was a real battle. I only then realized that I do need to address my own issues as well in order to help my children with their addiction problems.

As a result, I have done great research and have gathered my research to show you in the form of an ebook. It worked for my family and me, and now I’d want to share it with you.

It’s simply how the human brain functions. When you see new posts or social media posts alerts, you receive a dopamine rush and feel joyful. This feeling is the same as when you see some matching symbols in-game that you are playing or a lot of cigarettes in a pack. These so-called cheerful feelings will have a long-term impact on your behavior, capacity to focus or socialize, and interpersonal connections.

To control our urges, we should immerse ourselves in learning something like some creative skills, both indoor and outdoor. Maintaining a healthy balance requires encouraging creative channels and some practical activity.

For convincing your children to quit the excessive use of cell phones, parents should first stop using them themselves and provide their children with other ways to engage themselves. One thing to keep in mind here is that you should always try to spend time with your child without the interruption of the phone because it plays an important role in fostering good relations with technology.

Controlling one’s Smartphone usage isn’t simple, but it’s not hard either. It won’t be easy in start, but after reading this book, you will be able to naturally control your desire to check your Phone frequently for messages and updates.

On top of that, this book will provide you with accurate information that will assist you and your loved ones in recovering. After reading this book, you can easily spot your smartphone addiction and how to overcome it and avoid reverting to previous harmful habits. You will also be able to help family members and friends in overcoming their addictions once you have identified this in yourself and controlled it. Keep in mind that there is always a ray of hope at the end of the tunnel: this addiction can be managed and even cured.

Soon, the gap will get longer, and you will have more control over your activities and time, and you will spend more time with your family than on your smart device. We all need the opportunity to change our ways, rectify our addictive habits, and have a positive and good connection with our phones rather than a harmful one.

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