My freelance journey

April 5, 2022

My freelance journey

Do you know that struggle is a part of human life? But sometimes, I ask myself why we do struggle in life? What inspires us? Do you have any answers? 

Let me tell you, my friend, we struggle in life because we want to achieve our goals in life. My goal was to establish myself so my destiny took me toward freelancing. However, I started this career after seeing my sister succeed as a freelancer on Odesk. But it soon became a passion for me, and I started enjoying it. In this blog, I will share how I started my freelancing journey.

My freelance journey, like every freelancer, is full of struggle. But one thing that helps me and kept me going was my love or passion for this career. Although I have not achieved what I wanted, at least I’m daily moving toward my goal, and this feeling always makes me hopeful that one little step toward my goal daily will take me to my target one day.


How I started

Before starting freelancing, I used to do the teaching. I have done a master’s in English Literature. So I was teaching at school, but I was looking for better options somehow. So when I saw my sister’s success as a freelancer, I thought to give it a try. 

In 2014, I made my first account on Elance as a content writer. For several months I provided an ebook writing service. Then when Elance became part of upwork, I moved to I started working on my brother’s account, then for years, I only worked over that platform and earned a handsome amount as a content writer on partnership.

But unfortunately, due to some circumstances, I have to move on to Guru. Com. I made an account with my name on that website and started providing ebook writing services. These days I’m working on Fiverr, freelancer, and Guru. Com as content writer specialist.

People usually believe that a 9 to 5 job is more difficult than freelancing, but this notion is not true. While working as a freelancer, you will have to work alone for yourself. You have no guidance, no mentor. You are not only working day and night to complete your recurring jobs, but you have to find new clients as well to meet your expenses.

Freelancer life is full of disappointment, but it is filled with gratitude as well. As a freelancer, I too have to face hard time. I ‘m still struggling in establishing my profile on freelancer website. Because sometimes, as freelancers, you have to wait for months for any job, but sometimes you do not get time even for proper sleep. So if you want to become a freelancer, you will have to be consistent.

After all, freelancing means more than just taking your laptop and working on creative passion projects. You have to pay bills and have a family to support. When we consider the hidden costs of being a freelancer, such as social security, insurance, travel expenses, equipment, and education, to mention a few, it may be intimidating. And I, too, have to face many questions such as: will I be able to establish a customer base? Will I be able to meet my expenses? 

But one thing that kept me going through a hard time was that I truly enjoyed my work. So I would advise you to do in life what you love to do. Always follow your passion and heart. Never give up on your ideas and on your vision. Continue to go forward and cross all the barriers that come your way! Believe in yourself.

Here are some tips:

Find your skill

As a freelancer you always need to find your skill first before making your profile on any freelancing website. It will help you to apply for right jobs.

Start persnol portfolio blog

If you want to make your credibility as frelancer you need to start a website to show your client the proof of your work.

Use Social media Platforms

Make your profile on social media platforms and start promoting your services.

Set a competitive price

Always charge a competitive rate and try to provide the best service to your client.

Remain Consistent

Last but not least remains consistent.

Search everywhere

A freelance job is available in almost every place. Look and ask around in the places where your target market can be found. Learn about your market, and be ready to offer assistance, ideas, and resources.

In the end

After working hard as a freelancer, I have concluded that finding jobs as a freelancer is not difficult if you know the right steps. Even if you have started slowly, it becomes easier, and with some hard effort, it may be a substantial source of revenue. All you need is passion and consistency. If you need information about where to start read here my blog top freelancing platforms. Do let me know your story in the comments!