How to overcome Procrastination

November 27, 2021

how to overcome procrastination

We all procrastinate from time to time, but some people instead of working on important tasks; actively try to involved in useless hobbies. With a lack of self-control, they feel overwhelmed with excessive work load, that cause negative feelings that can obscure judgment and prevent them from making any kind of attempt to get things done in time. But good news is that we all can easily overcome procrastination by practicing hypnosis meditation. In this blog I will discuss it briefly.

Hypnosis meditation: Taking Action in your life

Procrastination is basically a bad habit, and hypnosis or self-hypnosis is one of the most effective and simple techniques to overcome prorastination. Procrastinators aren’t necessarily lazy. These people can’t seem to perform task in given time for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Sometimes they misjudge the amount of time which is required for completion of the task
  •  They get easily overwhelmed by the pressure of work which they need to complete
  • They are unsure about their abilities to complete the task.

Chronic procrastination can lead to delaying tasks that can have a negative impact on every part of a person’s life, such as not paying bills on time or putting off projects until the last possible moment.

Reasons behind procrastination

You can find variety of reasons behind procrastination. Some of them are as follow.


You might be terrified of failing or staying behind on a project. As a result, your brain may seek out distractions and prevent you from even starting the task.


Some activities are so intimidating that you can’t seem to find the right courage to start it. It could be overly intricate, causing you anxiety. As a result, you choose to stay in your familiar surroundings and avoid it entirely.

You may have so much work to submit that you waste all of your time deciding what you should do. Alternatively, instead of choosing the most important things, you may do a little bit of everything.

Lack of interest

Excessive load

It’s possible that you’re not interested enough in the task even to start it. As a result, you get involve in diversions such as surfing through social media.

Are you a procrastinator?

You may convince yourself that you can perform better under pressure as a procrastinator, but this is often just a way of delaying things. Procrastination can become a roadblock, preventing you from being productive, making the best decisions, and achieving your objectives. Perfectionists are also considered procrastinators because it’s easier to avoid dealing with a task or project than it is to deal with it.

Here are some sign to find out if you do procrastination

  • Do you have any doubts regarding your objectives?
  • Do you find yourself overwhelmed by long to-do lists?
  • Is it tough for you to concentrate?
  • Do you have wrong self-perceptions about yourself or your abilities?
  • Do you become easily sidetracked when you’re working on a project?
  • Are you afraid of failing?
  • Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time to get things done?

How Hypnosis works to overcome procrastination?

Do you know that our subconscious voices are in charge of almost everything we do? And, regardless of the therapy we pursue, the beliefs, concepts, and goals it have always remain unchanged.

These ideas, however, can be changed. Hypnosis is a solution. The conscious part of the mind is turned off while we are hypnotized. We quiet it by relaxing, and the subconscious mind is active in this moment of calm. It grows more receptive to knowledge, and what we give it sticks with it. As a result, we can begin to retrain and transform the subconscious mind using hypnosis. If you’re ready to overcome procrastination problem and get things done on time, self-hypnosis might be your option to use.

Self hypnosis to overcome procrastination

Here are some steps to follow:

Stage 1: Identify your personal reasons for procrastination

As previously stated, there may be a variety of reasons why you procrastinate. Furthermore, you may have more than one motivation for doing it. As a result, the first step is to determine what those reasons are.

Here’s a list of the reasons, along with suggestions about how to overcome them.


Perfectionism is good, but only if you don’t let this emotion overpower you. If you believe you are not executing a task rightly, you will do it again and over again. As a result, your brain will advise you to give up since it appears useless because you can’t get the product to be as good as you think it should be.

Lack of Confidence

We all know that we can’t do the work if we don’t believe in our self. When you have low confidence you may believe that you are unable to perform the work due to a lack of skills. That is why your mind may lead you to believe that you should not even try this thing.

Enthusiasm and Energy

These two things are very important for performing any task. Due to an unhealthy lifestyle, habits, or other factors, you may lack the energy or active mindset to take on a work. Alternatively, you may lack the necessary energy because you are not excited about the task.

Stage 2: Find the solutions (Make your solutions as a script)

Perfection: Supporting oneself is the most effective strategy to overcome this problem. You must convince your mind that you are doing things in a right way, and also giving your best. Reward yourself with words of love daily!

Lack of confidence: You will only succeed if you will try. Even if you don’t succeed, you will get knowledge from your experience. That’s the kind of optimistic attitude you need to have in order to believe in yourself. Suppose, if you are working hard to overcome any difficulty, you need to convince yourself that you can achieve anything.

Enthusiasm and Energy: If you enjoy what you do, you will work harder. Even if you hate your profession, you must find inspiration and enthusiasm within yourself. Remind yourself of the task’s importance and how it might benefit you. This will also assist you in getting the required energy.

Stage 3: Now it’s time for self hypnosis: 

Regardless of whether your reasons are listed above or not, you must identify and overcome them. To overcome procrastination, you can also use the traditional practice of self-hypnosis. Get a script to put your mind in a profound state of relaxation and start thinking positive affirmations. All you need is a screenplay, a peaceful location, and a few positive words.

  • First of all sit in a comfortable position where you will have fewer chances to get distracted.
  • Now for feeling relaxed, take a few deep breaths.
  • Close your eyes (or keep them open if you choose) and start imagining a scene that brings you comfort and gives a source of positive strength. It may be a nice recollection or a picture of the ‘Perfect You.’
  • Concentrate on the image’s details, making it as real as your mind will allow. Pay attention to the sights and smells.
  • Make a conscious effort to surround yourself with positive energy.
  • Ten times, either in your head or out loud, repeat the following: I am unharmed. I am at ease. I’m confident that I’ll be able to finish what I need to do. I will defeat procrastination; I will reclaim control and achieve my objectives. RIGHT NOW, I’m in the zone.
  • Slowly come out of this scene with new energy.

Tips to choose the phrases

Imagine the following situation: A person has a big procrastination issue at work. He had an especially difficult time completing his weekly invoices since he considered it annoying and boring. His mission was to convince himself that it was simple and that if he just completed it now, he’d have more time for fun later.

Select a phrase that is true

Task was actually simple; he was just making it difficult in his thoughts. Because by repeating the statement “task is easy!” you will feel less stressed. Therefore always choose a phrase that is true.

Keep it as short as possible

You need to keep the phrase simple so you could repeat it easily.

 Use punctuation for emphasis

In our thoughts, punctuation marks are related with emotional images and energy. “Do it right now!” has a stronger emotional pull than “Do it right now!”

Final words

There you have it—hypnosis can help you overcome procrastination. You can consider half of your work done after you’ve identified the root problem. One of the most effective strategies to overcome procrastination is to talk yourself about it. You know yourself better than anyone else! So use hypnosis to overcome procrastination and see how you will excel in whatever you do!